Solar Water Heater

Since inception, LEEJI SOLAR ENERGY has undertaken more than 100+ rooftoSolar Water Heater is designed to provide hot water without consuming expensive electricity as it uses natural sun light to heat water. Ensure hot water for all seasons with Leeji Solar Water Heaters that generates hot water without electricity or any other fuel. It is highly recommended for domestic and commercial purposes. The solar water heating systems have a storage tank for hot water and evacuated tube collectors. They consists of two glass tubes having vacuum in between which is an excellent heat insulator. The storage tank’s epoxy coating prevents water abrasion and it comes with a 5-year warranty on it. With no maintenance requirement, solar water heater provides a low cost long term solution for hot water requirements.

Benifits :

  • Huge saving on electricity
  • High quality vacuum tubes to minimize heat loss
  • Uses sunlight as a fuel
  • Sets up in less space, such as rooftop
  • One-time setup cost